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There are many insomnia causes and these are covered pretty extensively on information sites. If you click on some of the links I have on this page you can get a lot of information about the insomnia causes that most people think about. Most people consider "stress" a major insomnia cause and that can certainly be true. Others assume that if they could just learn to relax they could overcome insomnia. There is some truth in that as well but most people assume their inability to relax is primarily emotional. Few consider that this inability to relax has a physical basis. Most people know that depression or lack of exercise can be an insomnia cause but consider their nutritional balance to be a minor factor at best. That is understandable since for most people with insomnia, using nutrition as a way to overcome insomnia has been disappointing. Many get some long term results but not the kind of definite, immediate, consistent results that they would like. What if there was a nutritional product that would give you those kind of results? What if one of the main insomnia causes had been overlooked and misunderstood? What if it was easily corrected? That would mean you could -


In fact you can do it with absolutely no drugs or herbs! NATURAL CALM is a new, unique nutritional supplement which gives most people a noticeable relaxation effect within 20-30 minutes. For many people the balance between calcium and magnesium in the body is way off. That prevents them from relaxing properly and is one of the important and overlooked insomnia causes. With Natural Calm it is easy to raise magnesium levels and get calcium and magnesium back in balance. The key is it's unique delivery method. It is absorbed much, much better than any other magnesium supplement I have ever seen. It's convenient and easy to take and I have seen with patient after patient that IT REALLY DOES WORK! 

But I have already tried magnesium and it didn't work? So have I and so have most of my patients with insomnia. With ordinary magnesium people usually get only mild and inconsistent help with insomnia. If you take too much regular magnesium it will cause diarrhea. Natural Calm is very different. It works quickly and consistently for almost everyone.

Don't I need calcium too? Yes, most people need some supplemental calcium as well once they have restored their magnesium levels. We have Cal-Mag and Cal-Mag Plus with the same unique delivery system. Each has a different ratio of calcium to magnesium and all are much easier to absorb than ordinary calcium and magnesium supplements. If you keep magnesium and calcium in balance in your body you have eliminated one of the biggest of the insomnia causes. For the first time that is easy for many people to do. These supplements give many people the tools to truly "take control of their insomnia".

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